#Doggybagchallenge lunch at Oaxen Slip

I was invited to a lunch at Oaxen slip by Doggybagchallenge this week and Doggybagchallenge is an initiative by @stockholmfood and @stockholmfoodguide. They started this challenge this spring, and it is about getting people in Sweden to start asking for doggybags when eating out.

Because today almost no one do, and it doesn’t matter how much restaurants work on zero waste if people leave food behind and don’t eat it. Both guests and restaurants in Sweden must get better to provide and ask for a doggybag if it is needed.

I think it might take some time to get more and more people to start asking for it because so far we don´t have that culture in Sweden that we ask for it at an restaurant but I hope this challenge can help to get word out that we need to start doing that.

Beside all the great food we got served during our lunch at Oaxen we learnt how they work on being a more sustainable restaurant. For example, a lot of the things served is grown locally in there own farm or close to the city. Also, how they reuse yesterdays bread for breadcrumbs in other dishes and more.

Here is all the great food that was served:


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