Fazer Yosa Oat Blocks Lunch

This week I was invited by Kitchen PR for a lunch to try out Fazer Yosa Oat Block. We got to try out different dishes that had Yosa Oat Block as an ingredient. It started out with Waffles with herb avocado cream, sauerkraut and sprouts as a starter.

Then we got served grated Nordic salad, beetroot pickled Yosa oat block, apple and buckwheat crunch. Carrot and ginger soup are served with roasted Yosa oat block. Crisp and spicy Yosa oat block on a hummus bottom. After we tried the three different dishes, we got some background information about the product.

That Yosa was founded over 20 years of ago by an entrepreneurial and innovative Finnish woman called Merja Scharlin. Merja created the fermented oat product category in Finland already in the 1990’s. We also learned that Yosa was born out of a lucky mistake when she was trying to find the correct mixture.

And now Yosa Oat Blocks or as they are called in Sweden Yosa Havrebit is available in stores like Hemköp, Coop and Willys.

After the lunch was done we got a treat called Dammsugare in Swedish, also this made with Yosa Oat block.


Here are all photos I took from the event:


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