GOMA Gastropub

I got the privilege to go and try out a newly open restaurant called GOMA. Behind the launch of this restaurant is @kockjonas.

GOMA is an Asian gastropub where the drink is at the center and Asian gastropub food is on the menu.

When I arrived at the restaurant it was full, I basically got the last seat in the place.

I started off the evening by trying out Kimchi popcorn and their own sake called Miss Voon sake. If you love kimchi, then I can guarantee that you will love these popcorns to.

Next up for me to try was Hamachi Sashimi, Pickled Wasabi, Ponzu, Avruga and it was a delicious bite with great flavors.

After that it was something, I can really recommend you all to try because it was not close to anything I have had before, and it was the Oysters of GOMA.

Then it was the thing I could probably have eaten way too many of. It is Jerusalem Artichoke chopsticks, with a Tryffle Ponzu dip. This is also a must for you to order when going there because it was so good. Try and eat it slow so you really enjoy to moment, I couldn´t because it was to good.

Then I had Cabbage Gyoza, Black rice vinegar, Hot chili which was an interesting combination of flavors.

It was then time for GOMAs take on a hot dog, it was Shellfish Sausage, Nori taco, Yuzu-Kosho mustard.

The main course I tried was Chicken confit, Spicy peanut hoisin, Pickled cucumber, Kimchi and the plate was totally clean when I was done, I let that speak for itself.

First dessert out of two I tried was something new as well Sakura cotton, Tryffle Cheese, Sudachi. It was the perfect snack size and delicious to.  

And I ended my visit with Vanilla ice cream, Miso, Chocolate and that is something you can never go wrong with in my book.

I sat at the bar while eating my food and got to see the chef Jonas Svensson make all the food while enjoying all the good food.

There is no reservation at GOMA, only walk in and they have a place for 80 sitting guests.


Adress: Linnégatan1 , Stockholm, Sweden


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