Happie Camp (Glamping in Sweden)

I went there as a surprise birthday gift from my friend Sara. When we started the trip I didn´t know where we where going or what we were doing. And there is no better person to go on a secret road trip with then her.

I did have my guesses because she had been dropping hints on what we were going to do. But I had the destination wrong.

Happie Camp offers glamping in Sweden at different locations. We were at a tent near Hagfors and they way it works is that you get a GPS position where to go and the follow the instructions to get to the tent.

In the tent there are two single beds and if you don´t want to bring your own sheets you can pay for that when doing the booking. The same goes for food, if you want to bring your own it is okay or you can pay to get a prepared menu and everything you need to make it.

Everything you might need in a kitchen is there and you get 10 liters of fresh water to drink everyday you are there. There are power banks in the tent for you to charge your phone and anything else you can charge by usb.

If you just don´t want to relax by your self you can book activities thru Happie Camp like SUP-yoga, yoga and forest bath. We didn´t do any extra activities during our stay but had plenty of fun. At this spot there was a canoe that you can use for free that we used, and we went swimming in the lake before it was time to start making dinner.

For dinner we had a delicious mushrooms risotto for main and as a dessert we had some chocolate pudding. We brought some cheese and whisky as a starter before dinner that we enjoyed with a great view over the lake.

The breakfast the day after was some delicious banana pancakes before it was time for us to make it back to the city.


Here are all photos from the visit:


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