Lavanza breakfast – Launch of 4 new carbon neutral coffee capsules

I was invited to the restaurant Spesso in Stockholm for a breakfast event with Lavazza where they presented four new coffee capsules that are carbon neutral.

Besides the coffee we got the following to eat and it was delicious:


Qualitá Rosa is one of the coffee capsules and that blend has been with Lavazza for over 50 years. It has hints of chocolate and hazelnut and it is a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans.

Then Qualitá Oro that is now launched as a coffee capsule and it is Lavazzas most exclusive blend and it is the blend that the founder first produced in 1965.

¡Tierra! For Planet is a double certified ecological blend and it is made with Arabica beans from frams in Africa, South and Central America. The Coffee is mild with some sweet and sour notes from citrus and almonds

And for the one who likes its coffee a bit more intense then Crema e Gusto is the coffee for you.

The capsules are recyclable and besides that Lavazza CO2 compensate all the CO2 emissions that is related to the production thru different compensation project.


It was a great presentation and delicious breakfast at the same time. And at the end we got to try out this drink while looking around in the restaurant.



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