Prosciutto di Parma: Press lunch in Stockholm

I was invited to a press lunch by Prosciutto di Parma at the restaurant L’Avventura in Stockholm. The lunch was to promote Prosciutto di Parma and the food we ate was put together by Karl Ljung who runs the restaurant.

The food was great, and we were served a 4-course lunch and my favorite was the chicken with a Prosciutto di Parma crust.

It was my first time at L’Avventura and I really like the atmosphere in the restaurant. It has been open for a year now.

When it comes to Prosciutto di Parama only 3 different types of pigs can be used and it is Large White, Landrace and Duroc. To be sure of the quality when buying Prosciutto di Parma make sure that you can see the burn mark from the crown, it is a mark of quality

I had a great lunch with good food and learnt some more about Prosciutto di Parma.



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