I get some question both here and on instagram. So here you get the answers to the most common questions.



Can I buy your photos/videos?

Can I download/screenshot your photos/videos and use them for free?

Can I freely use your photos/videos on my company’s Facebook page, Instagram, or other social media?

Can I hire you as a photographer/videographer?

Can I hire you as a text writer/content producer?

Can I buy a positive review of my restaurant?
No, that would ruin the point of this site

Do you accept invitations to restaurants or press trips and events?
Sometimes, given the right circumstances.

Can I buy content marketing about my restaurant/product/service on your site?
Maybe, it all depends on the setup and if it is something I would like to recommend to my readers. Please see more information under point 6.0.

2.0 Photo/Video Policy

  1. All photos/videos I publish are my intellectual property and copyrighted.
  2. All photos/videos I publish are for sale. Please contact me to discuss the price for a particular right of use.
  3. My photos/videos are not freeto use unless we have an explicit agreement.
  4. I expect you to askfor permission first, creditcom, and pay for the use of my photos/videos.
  5. These policies apply regardless of whether I was invited to a restaurant or similar place, attended a press trip or event, or visited a restaurant on my own initiative.
  6. Misuse of my intellectual property may be charged up to as much as 300% of the original price, following industry standards, depending on the circumstances.
  7. I highly appreciate if you, in addition to crediting andershusa.com, also backlink to my site. I always link to restaurants/products/services I write about, and if you link back we both get extra SEO value.

3.0 Facebook Guidelines

You are welcome to share any of my content on Facebook using the Share feature or by linking to my web page.

  1. Please do not downloadmy photos/videos and upload them to Facebook as your own content.
  2. If you want to buy specific photos/videos to use on your own company’s Facebook page or in other channels (web page, press photos, etc.) – please contact me to discuss the price.
  3. Please do not use my photos/videos if the intention is to simply market your own business (newly opened, new menu, special offers, new opening hours or similar). If you want to purchase photos/videos to use for such purposes – please contact me to discuss the price.
  4. If I have taken a picture of you personally, you are free to use it on your personal Facebook profile(not the company page) as long as you credit com

4.0 Instagram Guidelines

You are welcome to re-gram my photos/videos on the following premises:

  1. Always include a visible photo/video credit and tag @foodieallin.
  2. If the photo/video is related to an article I have written, please direct your followers to read more at foodieallin.com.
  3. Please do not use my photos/videos if the intention is simply to market your own business (newly opened, new menu, special offers, new opening hours or similar). If you want to purchase photos to use for such purposes – please contact me to discuss the price.

5.0 Invitation Policy

I only accept invitations to restaurants & hotels, or press events/trips, under the following premises:

  1. You understand that we do not enter into any form of cooperation because of an invitation.
  2. You agree that I am not obliged to do any kind of favor in return for an invitation.
  3. Specifically, there can be no expectations of any positive recommendations in return for an invitation. I need to be completely free to decide what I recommend and not. If an experience, in total, is worse than expected, I will simply refrain from publishing anything.
  4. You have no expectations of free photos/videos in return for an invitation.
  5. I only accept an invitation if I expect with reasonable certainty that the restaurant visit, or press event/trip, will be a good experience, worthy of a recommendation to my readers. A good experience is a score of 3 or more on a scale from 1 to 5, where 3 is as expected, 4 is better than expectedand 5 is far better than expected.
  6. I reserve the freedom to include criticism of any element of the restaurant & hotels experience or press event/trip in my recommendations.
  7. All such content will be marked with a sponsored

6.0 Content Marketing

I sell content marketing on foodieallin.com in the following circumstances:

  1. You have news about your restaurant/hotel/product/service that can be of interest to my readers.
  2. You want to promote your restaurant/hotel/product/service in a way that can be of interest to us both.
  3. I already know your restaurant/hotel/product/service or have been able to test it in advance to assure that I can recommend it to my readers.
  4. Content marketing cannot be a review of the food/dining experience at a restaurant, but it can be related to a restaurant in another way (interview, news, events etc.)
  5. All such content will be marked with an ad

Please contact me to discuss the price.


Regarding the content on the site

Content on the site can sometimes be marked in the following way:

AD – the content was partly or fully paid for by an advertiser. This content is created in cooperation with the advertiser, they can influence the text, but it is always written by me. I choose my content marketing partners very carefully, and I never write about anything that I haven’t tried or wouldn’t recommend.

SPONSORED – the article involves a sponsorship of some sort or contains products that I have borrowed, which I find worthy of a recommendation or mention. However, the sponsor has no influence whatsoever on the recommendations or content of the article, we have no form of cooperation, I am not obliged to do anything in return, and the choice to write an article is always completely my own.