Surfers Stockholm

Surfers has open in new premises in Stockholm and I got the opportunity to try it out.

It felt big when we got a walk around the restaurants with different rooms and they have a chambre séparée.

During the evening we got to try a lot of different and delicious things. And before this I can say I haven´t eaten that much proper Chinese food before so I wasn´t really sure what I was in for.

We started of with a lot of pickled vegetables and they pickle it all inhouse.

After that our table was filled with food and I mean that literally as you can see here.

Here is some of the thing we tried:

Pearl river grilled oysters – With garlic and soy sauce

Silk road – lamb skewers with green chili and cumin

The sour pig – Deep fried pork served with ginger and peanuts

Mouthwatering rabbit – Fragrant chili oil, coriander and peanuts

Numbing beef – Green Sichuan pepper oil and red onion

Biang biang noodles – Hand pulled noodles with lamb and cumin

South of the clouds – Cured ham and smoked sausage, pickled vegetables and egg

Wet cake – Green papaya, lime and coconut

Bignè – Red bean mousse and strawberry

Besides the good food we needed something to drink to the food and we learnt that they drink strong alcohol to dinner. So that is what we had for dinner as well, and since it is custom to drink everything you have in your glass, they serve it in a 1cl shoot glass.

And when it came to the food and especially the drink we have to give a shout out to Surfers inhouse Chinese expert Ludvig Sääf that med the food and drink experience so much better then it would have been without his knowledge and information to the food and drinks.

After dinner we wen to the tea bar to try out some teas and we ended up in there almost for 3 hours so if you go to the restaurant I really recommend you to make sure you have time to make a stop there. You don´t need three hours of course but we had a good time and then time flies.

I can honestly say I have never had as much tea before in my life as I did during that visit. Then we also go to try out some of the alcohol from China and it was an experience in itself.

So until next time because I will definitely be back I end it with Ganbei.


Adress: Norrlandsgatan 24, 111 43 Stockholm, Sweden


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