So I was at Tvätteriet with a group of foodies from Facebook. Because you have to be a group to be able to go there so it worked out perfect and it was a fun selection of people eating together.

So Tvätteriet is not a ordinary restaurant that you go in an order what you want to eat. The menu is set but that is not all, it is more of a food experience because they go thru what they do with everything and why they do it so you learn how you can prepare your on food.

So it started with a welcome drink then we went to the kitchen to see how some starters were made and ate them and that kept going for a while before we got to sit down and eat the main course and end with dessert.

The staff was very friendly and service minded. And they went thru everything very thoroughly so it was a good learning experience as well and that was fun. It gave the dinner a whole new level and felt that we got more out of it then just a good dinner.

The food was really good from start to finish so if you are a group of friends that really like food I can really recommend you to try out Tvätteriet.

Adress: Rådmansgatan 16, 114 25 Stockholm

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