Van Der Nootska Palatset

I was invited to do a lunch review of van der Nootska palatset so I did. The building is dating back to the 17th century and has a classic feeling to it. Regarding the lunch the menu change every day, but they have some things that stick to the menu.

But I went for there 3 courses called the palace lunch. Started it all of we a small salad before the starter.

For a starter I got Skagen on brioche with caviar and lemon. It tasted good and was a good size for a starter.

Then I went on to the main course which was a Steak with onions, confit egg yolk and potato.

And no lunch is done without a dessert, and for a dessert I had an Apple tartlet with creme fraiche panna cotta and punch raisin.

The food was good, and I would say that it is a good place to go for a lunch. You got good meals for a reasonable price and the service I had during my lunch was good.


Adress: Sankt Paulsgatan 21, 118 46 Stockholm, Sweden

Here are all my photos from my visit:


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