Amateur Malmoe

I tried Amateur Malmoe last week and it is a restaurant at the chef’s home.  It has a seating for 8 people, and it is often open every other weekend. If you want to get a seat check out her Facebook page here or her Instagram here where she announces they next time the restaurant is open.

The price is 550 SEK and that is for four dishes and 2 amuse bouche. If you want to drink alcohol during your dinner you have to bring your own.

You all sit together around one big table, so it is a very social dinner experience you get while eating here. My favorite thing we got served was croquette with mimolette, king mussel, truffle oil and truffle liqueur, topped with egg yolk.

During our visit all the food was very good.

Adress: Rörstrandsgatan 33, Stockholm, Sweden

Here you can see everything we got to try during my visit:


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