ÄNG is a restaurant at Ästad Vingård and they work with a set menu. They try to work with local producers as much as possible that together with that they are following the seasons impacts the menu so that the menu can even change during service.

The head chef of the restaurant is Filip Gemzell and you can see that he runs the restaurant with a passion for the craft, not only in the way he prepares the food and the way he plates it but in the end result as well.

The restaurant had a cozy feeling to it and even tough it was full of guests while we were there you didn´t feel like the restaurant was full. The chairs were very comfortable and that is a good thing because we had 16 different dishes on the set menu for the day and we were there for around four hours. It didn´t feel that long at all, the food the drinks kept coming in with perfect timing in between.

I can really recommend beverage paring because they had matched it very well with the different dishes and I can´t believe that to be easy with an everchanging menu.

Since the menu is everchanging I will tell you about some of my favorites and trust me, it was hard just to pick a few.

The first thing we started with was a mushroom and cheese dish that was amazing:

Then we had a delicious langoustine:

And look at this marrowbone with yellow beet, beetroot, cabbage and wild apple:

Then Jerusalem artichoke together with onion, garlic and hazelnuts:

This restaurant is well worth a visit because you will be getting both great service and good food.

We spent four hours there during our seating but it didn´t feel like it at all. And together with every dish and every drink you get a back story on what you are eating and where it came from.

Adress: Ästad 10, 432 77 Tvååker, Sweden

Here you can see every photo from my visit there and there you can see every dish we got to try.


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