Best cinnamon bun in Stockholm 2020

It is this time of the year again, on the 4th of October it is the cinnamon bun day. And like last year I had the privilege to be a judge in Thatsup cinnamon bun contest. We where at 7A this year and we had 21 different cinnamon buns to judge.

It is a blind test, so we don´t know what place the cinnamon buns comes from until after the judging is done.


This year’s winner was Tössebageriet and in second place came we have Kosterheds Konditori and in joint third place we have K-märkt and Ritorino


For me Kosterheds Konditori was the clear winner this year and in second place I had BAK and in third place I had Tössebageriet

And here are all the winners:








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