I tried out restaurant Brygghuset as part of the Scandinavian detours. The focus of this restaurant is seafood and what type of seafood is based on the season depending on what you can get fresh at the time.

The restaurant is run by Reine and Jonas who both grew up on the island and they have a close connection with the local fisherman. That is one of the reasons that they can get ingredients with high quality.

When I ate at this restaurant it was a special menu that they have put together for Scandinavian detours. It was a four-course meal and I liked everything I got served during the evening, the one thing that was new and special for me was instead of wine or beer during the dinner they had special made cocktails for each dish.

Besides the great view you have at this restaurant I liked that even tough we where a lot of people at the dinner and everybody ate and had fun it didn´t get to noisy and you could still easily have a conversation with your neighbor and that the staff was very helpful during the dinner.

Adress: Fiskebäckskilsvägen 28, 451 78 Fiskebäckskil

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