Caviar testing at Delikatessgrossisten

I was at caviar testing at Delikatessgrossisten in Stockholm Sweden together with some friends and it was a really nice experience. The person that was running the testing is Robert Sundberg that is the founder of Delikatessgrossisten.  Delikatessgrossisten is the place to go if you want to buy anything food related with high quality.

Before this I had only tried caviar once in a while at different restaurants, but this was the first time I had the chance to try out three different types of caviar at once to see if I could notice any different and the short answer is YES.

The set up for the evening was that we where going to try out three different types of caviar and it was Acipenser Baerii from Uruguay, Oscietra, Fueldestaedtii from Urugay and Beluga, Huso huso from Romania. Besides the caviar we had some prosciutto and cheese.

Besides the caviar I have a new favorite now and it was parmesan together with honey infused with truffles, it was like candy.

To drink during the testing we had of course vodka, because you can´t have caviar without some Russian vodka. And some champagne and red wine to make the evening perfect.

If you haven´t tried a caviar testing I can really recommend it because I am pretty sure that you will be able to taste the different of different kinds.


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