Eventful first six months

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To say that this year has been a very eventful year so far is a nice way to put it. Many might think that eating food and travel is everything I do but that is not the fact. I work full time with search engine optimization and have done so for 10 years, I have been at the same company Internet Vikings for the whole time.

 But this year I quit and I decided to start my own company BayLake Media and let me tell you there are a lot of things you don’t think of when you start a company and so many more things you have to do behind the scenes so to speak. But for now, I have run this company for almost 6 month, and I am getting the hang of it.

Besides that, I also run a Swedish movie website called where I write about movies and do interviews with the people who make the movies.

Now one of the things I must think off and fix myself this year is Christmas smorgasbord or as it is called in Sweden Julbord. It is basically a tradition that every company takes its employees out for Julbord each year around Christmas times.

This year I run the company and I work by myself in Sweden so I will have to sort it out. I am lucky this year because I am going to do a collaboration together with Julbordsmäklarna where I will go out and not just try out one place, I will try out three different julbord this Christmas and I will write about each of them here on this site. Later this year they will help me out to pick three great places to try out.

I will let you know later this year what three places I have picked to try out. And then you will follow me along while I am trying out the food.




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