Strange year

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Not everything goes as planned this year. I started off this year with leaving the work I have been at for almost then years and I am now working at my own company.

The year started off good for me because I started off with a collaboration together with Memento Event that owns The plan was for me to go out and try out 5 different Christmas smorgasbord and review them. But if there is one industry that is suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic it is the restaurant industry. So about 9 out of 10 restaurants have canceled their Christmas smorgasbord this year.

And for Memento Event that I have been working with it has been a hard year since a lot of their business is done during Christmas time. Luckily, they also work with digital event in different formats and we both hope that next year will be better and we will try next year to work together with them to try out more Christmas smorgasbord.


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