Time flies bye

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Time really flies bye, it is now less than 3 month left until Christmas. And on the food front it has been a bit slow lately because of everything happening in the world.

My company is doing okay, and I have now reached another milestone with running your own business and that is booking the company Christmas smorgasbord. The first Christmas smorgasbord I will be going to is at Hallwylska, I have been there for events before. And it will be fun to try them out when they are serving their Christmas smorgasbord. This will be part of my collaboration together with Julbordsmäklarna. Together with them I will book a couple of more Christmas smorgasbord for this year.

As soon as I have been to them all I will write a post for you guys where you can read about my experience while visiting Christmas smorgasbords in Stockholm.

And if you have any tips on where you think I should go to try out the best one in Stockholm, then please leave a comment and I will try to check it out.


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