Foodstock 2019

Foodstock is a food festival that is being held at Fjäderolmarna during 31 Aug to 1 Sep 2019.

Besides all the good food you will be able to eat there, the main thing with Foodstock is to show everyone the craftmanship behind the food we eat. It will give the visitor inspiration and knowledge about food.

During the festival you will have the opportunity to try out a four hands menu where are international chef will be put together with a Nordic chef to create something great together.

18 chefs will be at the island during Foodstock, some of the chefs that will be attending are Daniel Berlin, Florencia Abella, Tomos Parry, Mehmet Gürs and many more.

Now you have the opportunity to explore the wild Nordic food together with international influences. And if you want to read more about Foodstock you can check out the site foodstock.se and if you want to buy tickets to Foodstock you can do it here.


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