Luxurious Sandwich at Nationalmuseum

I had the privilege to get invited to a luxurious sandwich at the restaurant at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm Sweden. And I was invited because it promoted the Sthlm Food & Wine that is a great tasting event in Stockholm between 8-10 of November at Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö.

And during the sandwich event we got to meet the chef Fredrik Eriksson who runs this restaurant and Långbro Värdshus. We got to know more about the restaurant and his ides behind it all. Focus for the restaurant at Nationalmusem is lunches for everyone and events.

Then we got to meet Maria Printz who won the prize as 2018 best baker during the Stellagalan. And she was the one who has made the bread behind this luxurious sandwich we where going to try. And for you who want to get a chanse to try it out go to Sthlm Food & Wine this weekend because it will be at Kockorans Korg during Sthlm Food & Wine. Here you can see the luxurious sandwich I made with the bread that Maria Printz made.

Here are all photos from the event:


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