Official opening of non-Schengen KLM Crown Lounge at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

At the end of November, I was invited by KLM to visit their new lounge they have been working on for a long time. They have done some major upgrades on the lounge. Now it is 73195 square feet so almost the double from before. And they have upped their capacity from 800 to 1500 guests.

But my first impression of my visit to this lounge besides that it was really big was all the natural light that came in.  In the lounge they now have 5 different areas called Polder, City, Sea, Dutch Mountain and Sky.

The Polder area has sunset light walls that simulates the Dutch skies throughout the day to help the guests adjust to the time zone. This area is more for work and relax while the Dutch Mountain is more for entertainment with informal co-working areas and entertainment, including a TV room and a DJ booth during events. The City is for eating and drinking, for example enjoying a beer at the Heineken bar or coffee at the barista coffee bar. There is also a variety of fresh dishes and beverages in the City area.

Then you have the Sea where you can refresh and relax, here you have showers and sleep cabins. The showers are free of charge and the sleep cabins can be booked for 3- or 5-hours slots but they cost from 49,50 Eur.

In the Sea area you can also find two VR cabins that offers you an escape for the airport. The last area is the Sky here you can find the restaurant Blue by KLM that is a fine dining restaurant with a menu composed by Joris Bijdendijk of RIJKS.

Also, in the sky area you have the Sky-Blue bar where you can enjoy cocktails and bites. Here you can also take the opportunity to get some fresh air by going out on there outdoor terrace with a view of the runways.

While I was at the lounge there where a lot of guests there and a lot of press because of the opening and even tough there where so many people there the lounge didn´t feel crowded which was nice.

You could also find art made by the staff at KLM and it was some amazing art, so I can with easily say that there is something for everyone in this lounge.

We got a guided tour of the lounge that ended with us trying out Blue by KLM.


Here are all my photos from the event:


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