Opening of Restaurant Råkoko at Åkeshofs slott

This week I was invited to Åkeshofs slott and the restaurant Råkoko that is housed there. It is known as the green castle since it is surrounded by green gardens. They do stick with the green theme in the restaurant Råkoko with a playful twist to the interior design.

The head chef is Petra Hed and she will be working with ingredients that are in season so the menu will be everchanging and we where told that the menu can also change a bit day to day also depending on what they get and the quality of the ingredients they get.

For the restaurant they also harvest and grow their own spices from there own garden. They also work closely with local growers to get a constant flow of fresh and locally produces vegetables.

The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner and if you are a bunch of people that want to eat together, they do have two different Chambre Séparée that you can reserve.  

Everything we got served that day was delicious, and below you can find all the photos from the day.


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