Parmigiano Reggiano: Lunch event in Stockholm

I got an invite to a wonderful lunch event that Parmigiano Reggiano had in Stockholm because we in Sweden eat a lot of cheese (we ate 1434 ton of that cheese last year in Sweden).

We got to try cheese that was 2, 3 and 5 years old and it was really interesting to try the same cheese but different age. And I had never had 5 years old cheese before and it was a bomb of tastes in my mouth and you don’t need to try much at all. Even a small crumb of the old cheese filled my mouth with the taste of it.

Here is the cheese with the youngest to the left:


But besides getting to try some different cheese we had the opportunity to make pasta together with the Italian chef Francesco Bigliardi from Trattoria Masticabrodo. I took the chance to help out the chef as you can see here:

Thanks to Erika Jureskog for the photo

Here you can see photos from the event and what we got served during the lunch:


And here is a very short interview with Francesco Bigliardi but since he don´t speak English and I don’t speak Italian we used a interpreter.


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