Press meeting for Ostfestivalen (cheese festival) in Stockholm

I was at the press meeting for Ostfestivalen that is during 14th-16th of February in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a big cheese festival and they are focusing on Swedish cheese during this festival and during the press meeting they where talking about the festival.

The meeting was held at Wijnjas Grosshandel and the CEO Mathias Beckius was there to give a short presentation of the store.

Then the sponsors of the festival were there to give a quick presentation:

Anna Kaijser, LRF:

Jan Ljungblomg, ICA:

Kerstin Jürss, Jürss mejeri:

Malin Hammarström, Arla:

Stefan Risberg, Münchenbryggeriet:

The festival will be at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm and you can check out www.ostfestivalen.se for information about tickets.


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