So I got invited to try out this restaurant Rawbata that opened earlier this year. It is a Japanese restaurant that has it focus on sharefood and preparing its food on the grill. So we started of the lunch with something to drink and mingled with the other people that were invited.

Then we started off with some starters and got some Red Lanson to drink with it. After that we got some Sashimi and Tataki to eat and Fukuju sake to drink.

Then we got to try out some grilled vegetables paired with a Bestheim Riesling Premium Réserve to drink before we started off with the seafood in the form of squid, black cod and scallops with that we got some Crémant de Bourgogne, Taru sake and Sancerre Terres Blanches to drink.

And then it was time for the meat before we got to the dessert, and here we got to try out some chicken meat balls and pork side with some suomi wine gallery to drink.

To finish it all off we got a Mizu Shingen Mochi and a Cheesecake with some Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc to drink.

So it was a lot of food in a short amount of time. But the thing I liked most was the Black Cod and the cheesecake we got for dessert. The Sashimi and Tataki we got served was a bit thick for my taste I prefer to get it in thinner slices, it was still good but I prefer it that way.

Other than that the service was really god and quick but it was an event so the place was not full. I liked the interior of the restaurant but the noise level was pretty high so you can only hear what the people closest to you talk about so if you are more than four friends it might get hard to hear what the rest are saying.

I would try it out again because I like places where one can go with friends and order a lot of stuff and then share the stuff so you get to try out a lot of things.

Adress: Rörstrandsgatan 15, 113 41 Stockholm


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