Tastemotion event by Costa Brava

This week I got invited to a Tastemotion event held by Costa Brava Tourism.

First when we arrived we got something bubbly to drink while they held a short presentation on what you can do in Costa Brava and the thing I liked most was the information that they have 16 restaurants that have Michelin stars and a total of 20 Michelin stars in Costa Brava.

The food experience we were treated to was for all our senses that started off with some captivating story telling while we got treated to a visual play on the table we where sitting at.

Quim Casellas and his team was the behind the great menu we got to try during the event. He is chef at the Casamar restaurant that has one Michelin star and with the food we got during the event I can understand why.

As the whole food experience was like a show the lunch was in 5 different acts, and here is what we got served:

Act 1:

Anchovy from L’Escala in three textures, Traditional Manyac cheese from La Xiquella with a sphere of DOP Empordá virgin olive oil, bread and tomato. To that we got to drink Finca Olivardots Groc d´Ámfora 2017 – Vinyes dÓlivardots- DO Empordá

Act 2

Plankton: marinated prawn from Palamós, picada sauce and fish stock. To that we got to drink Heus white 2018 – Celler La Vinyeta – DO Empordá

Act 3

Sea & mountain rice from Pals. To that we got to drink Babalá2017 – Espolla wine cooperative – DO Empordá

Act 4

Girona-reared beef with wild mushrooms, walnuts and Ratafia. To that we got to drink Aroa 2017 – Celler Masia Serra – DO Empordá

Act 5

There version of baked Girona apple. To that we got to drink Empordá grenache, natural sweet wine – Celler Mas Estela dolc solera 1990 – DO Empordá

And here is part of the whole team that was behind this lovely food experience.

Here are all the photos from the event:


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