Ästad Vingård

I was invited to Ästad Vingård to tryout their restaurant Äng where Filip Gemzell is the head chef. I went down there with my friend Sara Öhman and spent a night there in their suite that had and amazing view over the spa area. This place is located a about 1 hour 15 min drive outside of Gothenburg and about five and a half hour drive from Stockholm.

The room was nice and had everything you need and more. The more part was a sauna but also a big bathtub made out of natural stone and I can really recommend you to try it out while you are there. It´s a very modern room and you can control everything from the sauna to curtains from tablets around the room.

One thing a liked about the minibar in the room is that they had Swedish whisky from Spirit of Hven since I like that brand. Besides that, you could find everything you might need in a minibar in this room.

After we got ready in the room it was time to try out the spa that Ästad Vingård has. It is called Sinnenas Spa or in English Spa of the senses. And besides the food this was one of the things I really looked forward to trying out. The thing I was looking forward to most was the underwater sauna that they have. And here is a photo of me from the sauna and I guess you can see why it was something I wanted to try out.

After the sauna it was really close to just walk up the stairs and then jump into the cold water for a quick swim.

(And if you see the window in the top right corner, that was our room)

Besides the underwater sauna they had a lot of hot tubes and also a very nice and warm pool to relax in outside year around.

That together with the stunning views around the spa made it very easy to relax and really enjoy life.

After a couple of hours in the spa it was ready to check out the restaurant Äng and here you can read all about our visit to Äng.

Our dinner took around 4 hours so after a long day of travel and spa it was time for bed.

I slept really good in the soft beds, could be the beds or all the food and wine from the dinner. But it was a nice experience to wake up and have the stunning view of the spa just outside our windows.

Time for some breakfast before it was out time to head back home.

The breakfast was almost like every other hotel breakfast but there was more focus on locally produced things to pick from.

But they had bacon and also waffles so I had a great start to my day before our drive back to Stockholm.

This is a place I can really recommend and not only for the food but I could recommend this place just for the food to.

But one thing I would recommend is that if you need to travel more than 5 hours as we did, I would stay more than one night to get more out of your visit and more time to relax and just enjoy life.


Here are all our photos from the trip:


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