Brunch at Gretas – Haymarket by Scandic

Brunch at Gretas, and for you who don´t know Gretas is located at Haymarket by Scandic.

I have been to Gretas before for some afternoon tea and had I great time. This time I was invited to try out this autumns brunch menu.

First, we started off with a fresh cocktail before we got to the food.

Then we started off with Greek yogurt that had Greta’s granola, berries, nuts. It was creamy and delicious and a good start.

We then moved on to try out the Avocado sandwich with Avocado, baked egg, cream cheese, cress.

Then on to something sweeter, it was time for French toast with Brioche, baked apple, vanilla cream, cardamom crumbs

Although I like sweets, we now come to my favorite on the menu and that was their Grilled cheese sandwich with brie de meaux, bleu dáuvergne, truffle cream, salad with baked tomato & pickled onions.

And then we all got our own small Greta’s princess cake with cream, vanilla cream, marzipan.

The food had a good standard and the service was good to so if you looking for a good brunch in the center of Stockholm I can recommend you to go and try out Gretas and let me know what you thought.


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