Press lunch with Åhus Akvavit

Yesterday I was invited by Åhus Akvavit to a lunch where they promoted the launch of their new Akvavit called Åhus Akvavit Botanisk Special.

We started off by some selections of snacks before it was time to site down and listen to them talk about all the work they have put in to make this new product and you quickly find out that it is a lot more to it then you thought before and how complex the whole process is.

After that it was time for some grilled green asparagus, pesto made of sunflower seeds and cream cheese and during that we got to smell some of the different ingredients that made up the new Åhus Akvavit Botanisk Special.

Then we got to the main course cold smoked char with boiled white asparagus, butter sauce with anchovy flavor, grilled spinach and grated cheese that was good and at the same time we tried out the new Akvavit that worked perfect with the food.

And we finished it all with some chocolate truffles.

Since we mostly drink Akvavit during holidays like midsummer and others, today’s menu made by Bar Agrikultur was there take on traditional midsummer food.

If you want to know more about Åhus Akvavit Botanisk Special and what I thought of it you can read about hit here.

Here are all photos from the event:


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