Trying out the Karma app

I got invited to try out the app Karma. It is an app where you can order food from restaurants for half the price and you are doing a good thing for the environment at the same time because you order food that would have otherwise been thrown out. Today a third of all the food that is produced is being thrown away and what this app does it gives you a meal for half the price and you save the environment at the same time. In the app you can find food from restaurants, cafes, hotels and grocery stores. At the moment Karma is available in Sweden, UK and France.  

I used it to order a veal patty à la Wallenberg with potato purée, green peas and lingonberries from Vassa eggen because it was close to work and I could get the food and eat it quick at the office and for a reduce price. For that the app worked great.


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